All servers > should < be up. If a server is down, please check the topic in #aeropub/IRC to confirm.

We have four servers, rates are;
Charm, 50/50/50
Nocturna, 500/500/120
Primal, 10/10/10
Mayaan, 2000/2000/2000

WoE runs twice a week on all servers;
22:00-23:00 (PM) GMT on Wednesday
6:00-7:00 (AM) GMT on Sunday

Halloween Event! (Oct 28, 05)

Dates: October 28, 29, 30, 31 2005 (timings according to PST)
Events: Monster Summoning, Find the GM, and two suprise events on the 30th, and 31st
GMs: Enii, Xiin
Prizes: Prizes will be given for the Find the GM events, and at least one of the suprise events

replica watches

More Information: Click Here!
We hope you have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

irc.striked.org / #aeropub-aeRO2 GM Team
GM Xiin

aeRO2 – Everything Back to Normal! (Aug 01, 05)


Website is back up, along with donations and registration. I have also used the downtime to integrate some how many weeks in a year of the more useful forum posts into the website, so you can find all information you need for aeRO2 on the website instead of the forums.

The forums are up, @ http://forums.aero2.org

Patch @

irc.striked.org / #aeropub-aeRO2 GM Team
GM Xiin