All servers > should < be up. If a server is down, please check the topic in #aeropub/IRC to confirm.

We have four servers, rates are;
Charm, 50/50/50
Nocturna, 500/500/120
Primal, 10/10/10
Mayaan, 2000/2000/2000

WoE runs twice a week on all servers;
22:00-23:00 (PM) GMT on Wednesday
6:00-7:00 (AM) GMT on Sunday


In order to play aeRO2, you must have kRO, Sakray, and the aeRO2 patch installed on your computer. If you already have KRO and Sakray, the latest aeRO2 patch can be found here:
Just download and run. – Make sure the target folder is where kRO and sakray is installed, though.

If you don’t have kRO and Sakray, follow the instructions given below to download and install.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the latest version of korean Ragnarok – RAG SETUP* exe, sakray – SAK SETUP* exe, aeRO2 Patch. **** represents the four numbers at the end of the file name – they represent dates and new installers are released periodically. Find the latest one by looking at the dates. Be careful and make sure you don’t download the installers released in 2004!
    Download locations can be found here:
    Note that you will need bittorent to use the above link. This is the most reliable download available.
  2. Installing. Install first RAG_SETUP, then SAK_SETUP into the same directory. If possible, patch the clients by running ragnarok.exe and sakray.exe.
  3. After patching everything, install the aeRO2 patch client in the SAME directory. The default directory is ../Program Files/Gravity/RO – make sure that is where your RO client is. If not, change the path before installation.
  4. Run aero.exe (poring icon!) to start playing aeRO2 🙂 Remember that you need to be Registered first!