All servers > should < be up. If a server is down, please check the topic in #aeropub/IRC to confirm.

We have four servers, rates are;
Charm, 50/50/50
Nocturna, 500/500/120
Primal, 10/10/10
Mayaan, 2000/2000/2000

WoE runs twice a week on all servers;
22:00-23:00 (PM) GMT on Wednesday
6:00-7:00 (AM) GMT on Sunday


Here on aeRO2 we attempt to build community more than anything else. Without a community, what is a server? In order to promote the community, we have several out of game communication channels set up.



aeRO2 has two irc channels, #aeropub, and #aerosupport. Our IRC channels are located on . #aeropub is for general chat, and #aerosupport is for asking for help.
If the above means nothing to you… then you can download mIRC, an IRC client by following this link:
After you have downloaded and installed it, run it, and fill in the necessary information on the options window that will appear. Once that is done, hit OK. Type in the following line and you will be in aeRO2’s main channel:
/server -j #aeropub

IRC has it’s own specific rules. You can view them here:

Port: 3684

For those who don’t have ventrilo already, the latest version can be found here:
After installing, run the program.
Click the “->” arrow next to User Name, click “New”, and input a name. Leave the other options blank.
Click the “->” arrow next to Server, click “New”, and fill in the Port and Ip. Leave the other options blank…
Set Bindings to (None).
Click “Connect” and there you go!